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Senior Soccer Players



Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it's not surprising that many talented players are eager to make a name for themselves in the industry. However, getting noticed by scouts and coaches can be a difficult task, especially if you don't have access to the right channels.

However, Scout Me Next Football and Education Consulting firm will help make the process very easy by recommending and connecting young talents to clubs, football and educational colleges where their potentials can be discovered and utilized for a better future for themselves, their family and the society at large. 

SMN Football and Education Consulting also help talented grassroots players get discovered by club scouts and coaches in Europe through video highlights of players. We help players prepare their match video highlights which they can use to land trial invitations by football clubs all over the world. We also go as far as assisting talented players set up their online player profile which they can use to advertise themselves on the media

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Football Training

Helping grassroot football players get discovered 


Not only does this give grassroots players the opportunity to put themselves out there and increase your visibility, but it also allows them to receive valuable feedback from experts in the industry. This can help them identify areas for improvement which will help them in becoming a better player.

Additionally, our website provides a centralized location for players and coaches to connect, making it easier for scouts and teams to find the talent they're looking for. By having your videos on our platform, you'll be part of a vibrant community of football players, all of whom are eager to achieve their dreams of success on the field.

So, if you are a good grassroots football player, don't wait any longer to advertise your video on our website today and take the first step towards making your mark on the world of football





1.  To connect aspiring student athletes with reputable football academies worldwide that offer comprehensive football training, trials, and academic education.

2. To provide accurate and up-to-date information on various football academies, including their training programs, trial opportunities, academic curricula, and facilities.

3. To assist students in identifying the most suitable football academy based on their skill level, aspirations, academic requirements, and desired geographical location.

4. To ensure transparency and credibility in the referral process by thoroughly evaluating and vetting football academies before recommending them to students.

5. To facilitate seamless communication and coordination between students, their families, and the chosen football academies, ensuring a smooth transition and enrollment process.

6. To offer guidance and support to students throughout the application and trial process, including assistance with visa arrangements, if necessary.


7. To promote academic excellence by considering football academies that prioritize education alongside sports training, providing students with a well-rounded educational experience.


8. To establish long-term partnerships with football academies to continually enhance the quality of referrals and stay updated on their training, trial, and academic offerings.


9. To monitor and evaluate the progress and satisfaction of referred students at their chosen football academies, providing ongoing support and guidance as needed.


10. To contribute to the development of talented young football players by helping them access world-class football training, trial opportunities, and academic education in any part of the world.




C.E.O Scout Me Next


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